The commission process is as diverse as the people and companies who come to us looking for something totally unique and one of a kind.

The goal is to create something that is meaningful to the client. It can be a painting that reminds them of a special time or place in their lives, or captures the personality of a beloved pet.   Corporate or personal note cards, or hand-painted furniture or accessories can also be created. It is a process that is always driven by the customer. I am the conduit who takes their ideas and creates something meaningful and tangible for them.

The first step is to have a conversation about what the goals and expectations are. Then I create sketches that serve as a starting point for the design process.
After reviewing the sketches, a non-refundable deposit is made and work begins. Part way through the process the progress is shared and, once approved, work continues through to completion. Final payment is due prior to pick up, shipping or delivery.

Art:  BJ Swenson Folkerts. Interior Design: Fiddlehead Design Group.  Photography by: Susan Gilmore

Moose Caboose


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